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5 Ways to Know You’ve Hired the RightMarketing Team for Your Law Firm 





When you think of any law firm, the necessity of it having an expert marketing team may not be too obvious. After all, you don’t see that many ads for lawyers on Facebook compared to otherniches. But don’t let that deceive you.   

Acquiring a lawyer is different than buying consumer products such as tasty snacks that you notice in the grocery aisle. People will only consult a lawyer when really necessary, not at a whim.But as with many other industries these days, there’s a lot of competition andwhen someone is looking for a lawyer’s service, you need your firm to be theone they notice, pick and partner with.    

When you’ve got an agency on yourside, here’s how you can gauge in the long run whether it’s the best team for your brand.    

The Team Uses All Relevant Marketing  Mediums 


may not consider your law firm as a brand, but don’t you want to be the most popular law firm brand in town?That means, similar to many other services and products, you need to get theword out, learn how to showcase your law firm’s logo, and sharing your values sopotential clients find it familiar. Familiarity will breed trust and on the daythey need a lawyer, it’s you they’ll call.    

Your marketing firm should build your public reputation by involving allrelevant mediums in a marketing campaign. While many industries focus ondigital marketing only, many consumers may still pick their lawyers fromposters or billboards they see while driving. All these platforms must be partof the marketing plan.    

When it comes to digital marketingyour team must gauge which social media platforms are most likely to drawleads. For example, if your focus area is obtaining businesses as clients, itmay be best to use LinkedIn rather than Instagram. Your marketers must take the lead in doing market research andutilizing platforms optimally.    

Marketing Campaigns Cater for Clients in All Stages of Decision Making

Even though finding a lawyer could be a pressing matter, potential clients can still be grouped into different phases of their decision-making process: 

- Some are only aware of you 

- A certain group considers putting you on their short list of firms to contact 

- Others are evaluating your firm 

- Certain individuals may be ready to commit to a decision 

- Of the clients that commit, some will become long term,loyal clients   

During any campaign a marketing team must use messages that are relevant to all different groups, so you don’t lose a lead simply because yourcommunication seems irrelevant to them. For example, the marketing team musthelp nurture leads to move them closer to the end of the funnel. Alternatively,the marketing agency must provide you with the tools for your team members toassist in this process.    

Content is Informative but Creative 

The clients your law firm needs don’t all think the same way lawyers do.They have unique needs and preferences and there are unique features that will attract their attention. Your marketing team must leverage these preferences in order to obtain more leads.    

For example, making general statements about what an exceptional litigatoryou are doesn’t seem relevant to someone who yearns for someone who understandsthe trauma of going through a custody battle. Does your marketing team usepsychology as part of their process of compiling effective marketing material?This, along with a creative, artful approach will ensure marketing materialcatches people’s eyes and of course your team must implement marketing bestpractices at all times.    

You Can See They’re Experts in Your Niche Over Time 

Working with your marketing team, you must see proof of their promises such as that they’re efficient in your specific niche. With states having unique guidelines concerning legal advertising, each statement requires consideration before publishing. You don’t want to end up incourt because your marketing agency used terminology that could be seen asmisleading. For example, stating you’re a specialist in your field is frownedupon in many US states.    

Your marketing team should be aware of these guidelines, so you don’thave to keep an eye on everything they do.    

Feedback Shows the Campaigns Work 

At the end... 

of the day you'll want your marketing campaigns to help your cashflow and the flow of clients into your offices. Your marketing team should provide you with some sort of feedback to prove they’re helping you reach your goals. For example, how did their actions help you move up in search engine results on Google?

The level of ROI will help you know if it’s the marketing team you wantto have a long-term relationship with.    


In any business, it’s a competitive game and you need to use all the resources possible to stay ahead of the pack. For a law firm, you need a unique set of skills on your side, so monitor yourmarketing team on a continual basis so you get the best results you deserve.    

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